Introductory interview - 20 minutes for free

If you are uncertain whether to undertake this kind of service and whether you would like my approach, I am offering you 20 minutes long free telephone interview. You can briefly explain your problem and ask me questions about our possible sessions.

First session

The first session usually takes about 90 minutes, which gives us enough time to start knowing each other. I will ask you detailed questions about the reasons why you decided to seek support as well as some personal information. Depending on the nature of your difficulties, I will introduce you the available options. We will discuss your needs and goals of our sessions. I will try to explain pros and cons of different approaches. Based on your preferences, we will agree the number and frequency of the sessions. 

Duration and frequency of sessions

Our sessions usually last 50 mins to 1 hour. Based on our mutual agreement, we meet once weekly or fortnightly. Regularity of the sessions helps clients to feel their positive effect. I therefore always advise my clients to pre-book the times in their diary.