What does it mean "Počúvajme"?

The Slovak word "Počúvajme" can be translated as "Let's listen".

People usually seek help, when they start struggling with floods of their emotions. Sometimes, they can trace them to be a reaction to other people or the situation they are in, and sometimes, they have no clue as to where they came from. I believe, that emotions can be understood as a compass, which we were given, to see if our journey is taking us to our chosen destination. This compass tells us, that maybe, we have lost something on our way (sadness), or there might be a danger ahead (anxiety) or it may be alerting us to spot an injustice (anger). When we learn to listen, what our emotions are trying to tell us we may find out, that we don't have to be afraid of them and we can start responding rather than reacting. And maybe ... once we start listening we may be able to respond better also to our children and our close ones.