Lectures and Workshops

As part of my study I had the chance to learn about new approaches in psychology:

  • Mindfulness and
  • Compassionate Mind

I believe that the main themes and techniques covered by these approaches can help us better understand our behaviour and motivations and contribute towards better relationships between individuals and the whole society.

The lecture Love, Acceptance and Compassion is focused on new approach to brain emotional systems. We talk about the need to create balance between the fear for survival; drive; and soothing acceptance of others and ourselves. We try to answer the question, whether we should be compassionate with ourselves.

The experiential workshops usually last 2.5 to 3 hours. During that time we are able not only to learn new information, but also to try some of the techniques, and our personal experience can help us to better understand the theory. 

Optimal number of workshop participants is about 10

Please contact me if your are interested in a lecture or experiential workshop.